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2018 could be the year of Balor-Gallows-Anderson




Get stoked, WWE fans. Finn Balor, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows are together once again, poised to take Monday Night Raw by storm. That may sound like hyperbole in a lot of cases. This? This isn’t one of them. This is the rebirth of one of the most influential stables since the Monday Night Wars.

Whether the WWE admits it or not, the Bullet Club has fingerprints all over main event scenes across the globe. NJPW is approaching their biggest event of the year in Wrestle Kingdom 12, with Kenny Omega and Cody both involved in matches that could steal the card.

Cody has taken ROH to new heights since leaving WWE, while Omega has broken the rating system multiple times over the last year. Then there are the Young Bucks, widely regarded as the best tag team on the face of the planet.

The Bullet Club’s reach isn’t limited to non-WWE promotions, however. Several former members have prominent roles on Raw and SmackDown Live on Tuesdays. AJ Styles has arguably been the most over act on the blue brand for the last year, and he’s a former member of the illustrious BC.

None of these individuals actually started the Bullet Club, however. A simple Google search of “who started the Bullet Club” will tell you who did that. It was Prince Devitt, or as WWE fans know him, Finn Balor. Karl Anderson was part of the group from the get-go, with Luke Gallows joining later.

Since Anderson and Gallows made their WWE debuts in April of 2016, fans have been simply dying to see the three reunite with Balor in some capacity. The WWE ignoring their connection despite them occurring in other promotions would be like them ignoring the impact of the NWO, after all. They were the top heel stable in the business for the better part of two years, and even after the founders left, the members have continued to be main-eventers around the globe for a multitude of promotions.

It’s also been teased for a long while, with Balor rolling with the Balor Club gimmick while Gallows and Anderson frequently referred to themselves as The Club. The WWE did what the WWE always does, though, and played the part of withholding lover with the fans.

The first episode of Raw in 2018 seems to have opened the floodgates, however. With Balor looking for two partners to take on the Miztourage and Elias, Anderson and Gallows stepped up to the plate. The IWC all popped at once, as Balor, Gallows and Anderson finally took to the ring together.

And the Buzz — capital B — only grew as it became clear that this wasn’t just going to be a one-off. The three had a choreographed entrance, too-sweeted on the way to the ring, won their match and subsequently took social media by storm afterward.

The WWE’s official Twitter account posted an exclusive post-match interview, with a grinning Balor saying “the more things change, the more they stay the same. The boys… are back in town.”

Balor also posted a backstage photo, using the same tagline he later used in his interview. Also, note the #OGBC hashtag as well.

…while Anderson posted another photo stating that sometimes, you’ve just got to be patient.

Sometimes it takes some reflection to identify career-defining moments in the WWE. Only after time has passed does it become clear that something monumental has happened. Hindsight isn’t required here, though.

It’s unlikely that creative would have held out on reuniting these three for so long if they were just going to be burned up in the mid-card. Anderson and Gallows have been floundering for the last several months, while Balor has been a superstar with no direction.

Now that they’re back together again and in a familiar setting, the sky is the limit for Balor, Gallows and Anderson. With one simple match and a few tweets, it’s clear that 2018 could very well be the Year of the Club.

Franklin Steele is the assistant editor and featured writer of FanRag Sports' NHL side. He also covers the WWE for Steele, who joined FanRag Sports in October 2013, has been watching and playing hockey since the age of 6. His work has also appeared on, and Bleacher Report. All told, he has more than 3,000 bylines to his name and more than six million people have read his work since 2011. Feel free to follow him on Twitter @FranklinSteele (NHL) and @SteeleTheHeel (WWE).

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