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5 best moments from SmackDown Live 10-31

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Phelan Ebenhack/AP Images for WWE

It was the Halloween edition of SmackDown Live and things certainly got spooky. The road to Survivor Series continued to be paved, with two new additions to the SmackDown men’s team announced, while the women’s team was seemingly unveiled in full.

Also appearing was another vignette for the Bludgeon Brothers, who fit the bill of worst nightmares. They seemed to be responsible for the attack in the later episode of the Fashion Files, before a masked figure appeared on screen and delivered an ominous message that helped fit to a tee the concept of “Strangerer Things.”


Just a day after Raw general manager Kurt Angle was announced as the captain of Raw’s Survivor Series unit, Shane-O-Mac delivered the news that in the wake of Daniel Bryan’s attack, he would be putting the baseball jersey on once again and returning the ring later this month.

Both Shane and Kurt have run parallel to one another, main eventing their brands PPV in the month of October. Where they have differed is that SmackDown has decided to fill their roster through qualifying matches, while Angle has begun to form his roster beginning with a hand-picked selection of Braun Strowman.

Last year at the event, Shane took a hellacious spear from Roman Reigns that nearly knocked him out cold in the ring. But just over a month after jumping off the top of Hell in the Cell, he’s getting back into the ring to prove that Tuesday nights are the “A” show.

Beast Master Mahal

Time will tell if the Singh Brothers mocking Paul Heyman as a form of getting into the head of Brock Lesnar was a good idea. Unlike Heyman, the Singh’s have stepped through the ropes the past two weeks, with Sunil tapping out to A.J. Styles last Tuesday, before Samir ate a Styles Clash this week for his troubles.

The “match” wasn’t much of one in the first place, with Mahal’s promo before and his attack of Styles after serving as the highlights. After saying he would conquer and victimize Lesnar, he went as far as to call himself the Beast Master, ready to tame the untamable come Survivor Series.

Happy Rusev Day

For roughly the fourth time already this year, it’s Rusev Day! We found out this exciting news as The New Day walked around the backstage area handing out candy, while dressed in costumes. The Bulgarian Brute and the Shakespeare of Song found the trio, which led to Rusev first mocking Halloween itself before squishing candy.

This led to an in-ring match between Rusev and Big E, which saw Aiden English run enough interference on the outside that he was able to help his friend pick up the win.

Following that, English began to serenade the SmackDown Live commissioner with his ballads of Rusev Day, before Shane offered an olive branch to Rusev in his quest for joining Team SmackDown: defeat A.J. Styles next week in a qualifying match and he could suit up for the blue team against the Monday night coalition.

Hunt for blue brand supremacy

The big story coming out of the Halloween edition of SmackDown Live are the two new members of the show’s Elimination Match team, which include Bobby Roode and Shinsuke Nakamura.

The first match of the evening was Roode winning the final two falls of a Best 2-out-of-3 Falls showdown with Dolph Ziggler, putting a cap on their rivalry, while leaving Ziggler in no-man’s land and rocketing Roode into the main event.

The final match of the evening was Nakamura defeating Kevin Owens after Randy Orton thwarted a Sami Zayn interference attempt. Nakamura seemed like a home run choice to represent his show, leaving both Owens and Zayn on the sidelines of what they have deemed their show, which is likely not going to sit well in the coming weeks and sets up perfectly for the duo to screw SmackDown out of its match at Survivor Series.

Sin Cara, pero no sin ira (Without face, but not without rage)

After weeks of the masked Luchador picking up wins first via countout, followed by disqualification over the current United States Champion, we had a match between Sin Cara and Baron Corbin for the third straight week.

Nevermind the near 100-pound difference between the two men, it was Corbin going after the sacred mask of Sin Cara that pushed him over the edge. Yet again, there was no clean finish, but rather a match stoppage after the Luchador continued to wail down fists on Corbin, forcing him to hightail out of the ringside area.

This feud continues to be a strange one, with the two differing styles looking more confounding than they seem to mesh. This one is far from over, although the twists keep coming.

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