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5 questions we need answered on Raw 11-13

Chris Schubert




Tonight is the final Monday Night Raw before the Survivor Series pay-per-view; which normally means it’s Raw’s final chance to sell their fans on the show. With this being a duel-branded event on Sunday, tonight will feel more like a part one of a season finale.

That being said, here are five questions we need answered tonight on Raw.

Who will be the last member of Raw’s women’s team?

Raw’s women team is all set, except for one slot. Alicia Fox, Nia Jax, Asuka and Sasha Banks make up the first four members of Team Red, with the final member being decided on tonight. Dana Brooke, Mickie James and Bayley will take part in a triple-threat match to determine who will lock up that final spot. Let’s also throw into the mix the rumor that Paige is going to make her return to WWE tonight. That certainly makes the women a highlight of the show, as a case of classic misdirection could see neither Dana Brooke, Mickie James or Bayley get the final spot.

What will happen with Roman Reigns returning to the Shield?

It is finally happening. Roman Reigns has been cleared and will be making his return to Monday Night Raw. Too bad he wasn’t around last week to save his brothers from losing their WWE Raw Tag Team titles. Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose probably aren’t in the best of moods, and Reigns will want to help them exact revenge. The Hounds of Justice may be on a warpath, destroying everything in their sight. With a rumored match against the New Day set for Survivor Series, this is the last (and only) chance to make the Shield as a group look strong before the pay-per-view. Expect exactly that.

Is #UnderSiege part two happening tonight?

The New Day pulled off quite the swerve last week. They announced to the arena that #UnderSiege part two was under way, only for it to be a prank. That prank cost the Shield the tag belts. With only two shows left before Sunday’s show, SmackDown Live may be in the business of striking again. There’s a chance they will be looking for the upper hand before the massive 5-on-5 tag match at the PPV. Kurt Angle’s job is on the line and surely he can’t let Raw get blindsided again, can he?

What will Brock Lesnar, and more importantly Paul Heyman, have to say about their new challenger for Sunday?

Flashback to last week’s version of five questions for Raw, we were operating under the assumption that Brock Lesnar would be facing Jinder Mahal in the Survivor Series main event. What a difference a week makes. Now we have a main event with Lesnar taking on the new WWE Champion, AJ Styles. This will be our first chance to hear Paul Heyman and Lesnar address this new challenger just six days before their faceoff in Houston.

What about the rest of Survivor Series?

The rest of the Survivor Series card is littered with champion vs. champion matches. A big part of these next two shows will (hopefully) see these champions be booked rather strong for their ultimate showdown. We’ve seen Baron Corbin lose to Sin Cara. Miz hasn’t looked great heading into the match. We’ve had two championships change hands, with another one on the line tomorrow night. If the WWE wants us to take these matches seriously, they will need to use these next two nights to book these champions strong.

Chris is a recent graduate of Arizona State University, where he majored in Journalism and Mass Communication. He has covered spring training, the Super Bowl, WWE and the MLB for a variety of websites in the past.

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