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5 questions we need answered on Raw 12-4

Chris Schubert




WWE takes over the Staples Center tonight, with a massive championship match taking center stage. Perhaps the most hyped part of the night will see Matt Hardy continue his breakdown. Here are five questions we need answered on tonight’s edition of Monday Night Raw.

How ‘Broken’ will things get tonight?

It says a lot about Matt Hardy and WWE’s booking in 2017 when a gimmick that has never appeared on WWE TV is the most hyped thing about tonight’s show. Well, here we are. Anthem is no longer going after the Hardys for the rights to this gimmick and WWE seems to be fully on board with it.

Last week, we saw Hardy show the first signs of his ‘breakdown’ with a number of delete chants following his match with Bray Wyatt. Now that we know WWE can move forward with the gimmick (without facing legal recourse), tonight’s show should be interesting. Does Hardy continue to slowly dissent into his ‘Broken’ self? Or do we see the full character here tonight? The crowd in Los Angeles should provide quite the environment for the next step.

Who will be the Tag Team Champions?

The main match being built around this show is a tag team championship match between The Bar and The Shield. With Ambrose back from his honeymoon, he and Rollins can finally get the rematch that they are entitled to for the tag titles.

With Roman Reigns as the Intercontinental Champion, the WWE will be tempted to have all three members of the Shield wearing gold.

Are we finally done with the Braun Strowman/Kane feud?

Will tonight finally be the night? Are we finally going to see the end of the Braun Strowman/Kane feud? Ever since this feud started, there was one concern about it: booking it to go on for too long. Last week may have seen us cross that bridge.

The WWE could be trying to drag this out another month until the Royal Rumble, but that seems like too long. For the one guy that they have booked well, this entire feud may stop any momentum that he had. Tonight should be the end. There doesn’t need to be a match. It just needs to end with Strowman standing tall, vanquishing the Big Red Machine.

Does Roman Reigns look for revenge?

Roman Reigns launched his version of an open challenge last week; one that was answered by Elias. Following the match, his next potential challenger made a statement. Samoa Joe took out the champion on the top of the entrance ramp. While there is nothing official, this certainly had the feeling of a start to a feud.

This is probably the perfect feud for Reigns leading up to the Royal Rumble and WrestleMania season. They need to get the belt off of him before that part of the year, and Joe is the perfect guy to carry the torch.

What is next for ‘Absolution’? 

Absolution is making their mark on the Raw’s women division. Tonight, we get to see them (or one member) in action for the first time as a group. Paige will be making her return to the ring when she takes on Sasha Banks, who is looking for some revenge.

This is a match that almost absolutely ends in chaos, but does it further the story? That is going to be the most important part. Instead of treading water, this match needs to further these women along into whatever the end goal is. Perhaps that is Paige challenging for the Raw Women’s Title or recruiting more members into the group. Either way, tonight should pave the way forward.

Chris is a recent graduate of Arizona State University, where he majored in Journalism and Mass Communication. He has covered spring training, the Super Bowl, WWE and the MLB for a variety of websites in the past.

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