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5 questions we need answered on Raw 4-9

Chris Schubert




If the last half of WrestleMania wasn’t weird enough, it’s going to get very weird tonight. It’s the Raw after WrestleMania and that means it’s going to be wild. That means the crowd cheers who they normally boo and boo who they normally cheer.

This is the one Raw of the year that everyone is excited for, because WWE likes to pull out all of the stops. With that in mind, here are five questions that we need answered on tonight’s edition of Raw.

So where do we go with the Universal Title from here?

Brock Lesnar is still the Universal Champion. That’s not a sentence that I figured would be apart of this week’s five questions, but here we are. Lesnar defeated Roman Reigns in a main event that certainly wasn’t over with the crowd.

It’s a surprise that Lesnar is still the champion, seeing as he defeated everyone in his way leading up to Reigns. That doesn’t leave anybody left to face Lesnar. He has already defeated Reigns, Braun Strowman, Samoa Joe,  AJ Styles. Every legitimate main eventer on the main roster has already falling to the Beast Incarnate. That either means somebody is returning tonight to challenging Lesnar or there’s an NXT call-up that’s going after Lesnar.

Either way, Lesnar and Paul Heyman’s appearance in New Orleans might be must-see TV.

Do problems between Ronda Rousey and Stephanie McMahon continue?

On a night where Daniel Bryan was returning to in-ring action, Ronda Rousey stole the show. On a night where AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakmaura were fighting over the WWE Championship, Ronda Rousey stole the show.

In her debut in the WWE, Rousey met and exceeded every expectation that was set for her by fans. The mixed tag match was clearly the match of the night and was every bit of entertaining that it needed to be. With Rousey making her debut and Kurt Angle not the wrestler he used to be, there was plenty to be concerned about. Those concerns quickly went out the window, as Rousey finally got her hands on McMahon.

With McMahon still being the boss, problems will have to continue. Rousey is sure to show up on Raw tonight, perhaps planning her next match.

Can Braun Strowman really defend the championships by himself?

Braun Strowman and Nicholas are the tag team champions after Strowman picked Nicholas out of the crowd to be his tag team partner. With all of the hype around who Strowman’s partner could be, this was quite the led down (the theme for the second half of WrestleMania).

Strowman won the titles by himself, and now will have to defend the championships by himself. This whole storyline made a mockery of the tag-team division, and now some team needs to save it. It would be awesome if the Authors of Pain showed up to dethrone Strowman and add some respect back to the tag team division after all of this.

What is next for Asuka?

A night full of shocks started early with Asuka’s streak coming to an end. Charlotte Flair was able to conquer the Empress of Tomorrow to retain the SmackDown Live Women’s Championship. In the build up to this feud, Asuka has been working both shows.

Does she remain on Raw? Or does she go to SmackDown Live? Wherever Asuka ends up, the next story for her needs to be her destroying everyone in her path, as she tries to reclaim her status at the top of the women’s pyramid in WWE.

Are there any debuts on this show?

We know what the Raw after WrestleMania brings to the table: craziness. The other thing that it brings is surprises. That might come in form of returns or debuts. With most of the NXT roster being in town, it seems like the perfect time for some NXT superstars to make the jump to the main roster.

With two shows, it will be interesting to see who gets called up and how WWE decides to split them between the two brands.


Chris is a recent graduate of Arizona State University, where he majored in Journalism and Mass Communication. He has covered spring training, the Super Bowl, WWE and the MLB for a variety of websites in the past.

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