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5 questions we need answered on SmackDown Live 12-5

Chris Schubert




There are only two shows remaining before the SmackDown Live exclusive pay-per-view Clash of Champions. So far there are four matches that have been made official, but the card does lack Sami Zayn or Kevin Owens. There isn’t a whole lot of time, so hopefully tonight we can get more clarity to what the final card will look like.

Here are five questions we need answered on tonight’s edition of SmackDown Live:

What exactly are we doing with Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens?

It feels as though this question has made the list each of the last couple of weeks, so hopefully tonight is the last time we have to ask this for a while. As mentioned at the top, Zayn and Owens aren’t a part of the Clash of Champions card right now. That could always change, and a tag team match with them facing off against Shane McMahon and Co. always seemed like the next step.

This entire feud has felt stuck in first gear since Hell in a Cell. The direction has been unclear. The roles seem backwards between Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon, which leads to even more confusion to this whole story. Due to Zayn’s antics last week, more punishment is probably headed the best friends’ way.

Are we going to start planning A.J. Styles’ Royal Rumble title defense?

AJ Styles is going to defend the WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble, right? WWE couldn’t possibly give the belt back to Jinder, right? Well, trying to figure out Styles’ Royal Rumble opponent is a rather difficult task.

That is the main problem with SmackDown Live right now. Nobody, including the Phenomenal One, has any momentum. That is hurting every potential story that WWE could tell. Shinsuke Nakamura is the logical choice for Styles to face, although that always seemed like WrestleMania match. Depending on who is winning the Rumble, that will impact who Styles faces at the pay-per-view.

Either way, WWE has to start booking that person strong enough to set them up for a title match. That should start tonight, with the PPV helping their cause.

Why are we having Baron Corbin and Bobby Roode fight?

Bobby Roode and Baron Corbin are set to meet as part of a triple threat for the United States Championship at Clash of Champions. So why is the champion facing Roode in a non-title match? Perhaps this serves as a way to get Ziggler involved via interference but having any sort of finish to this match would be a short-sighted decision.

This company is just 12 days away from a show where these guys will fight for the title. Having either one of them take a pinfall is a terrible call. I’m of the belief that champions should rarely, if ever, get pinned in non-title formats. Adding to that, if we are supposed to take Roode seriously as a challenger to the belt, he shouldn’t do much losing either.

It’s a weird spot, mainly because I’m rooting for Ziggler to save the day.

Do we see another edition of the Fashion Files?

This might actually be the only thing worth watching on SmackDown Live right now. Honestly, there might not even been another edition of the Fashion Files this week. WWE has been very consistent with not burning through all the ideas that they have with Tyler Breeze and Fandango. A week off doesn’t hurt the gimmick either. Sorry guys, this might be a long night.

Any chance we make any more matches for Clash of Champions?

Twelve days until a PPV. Only four matches currently announced for that show. WWE is sure to add at least two more matches to the card, hopefully one including Zayn/KO. The other? Maybe the Bludgeon Brothers get another squash match to continue their march towards a title match. Surely Mojo Rawley and Zack Ryder settle their score at the pay-per-view as well.

Chris is a recent graduate of Arizona State University, where he majored in Journalism and Mass Communication. He has covered spring training, the Super Bowl, WWE and the MLB for a variety of websites in the past.

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