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5 things to watch for on Raw 11-6

Jul 13, 2016; Los Angeles, CA, USA; WWE wrestlers Mizanin, known as The Miz, and Maryse Ouellet arrive on the red carpet for the 2016 ESPY Awards at Microsoft Theater. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Last week’s Monday Night Raw saw the return of Braun Strowman, with his eyes set on The Miz. Strowman laid waste to The Miz and Curtis Axel, much to the fans’ delight. Daniel Bryan also made an appearance, explaining his perspective on #UnderSiege to Kurt Angle. Tonight, we should get plenty of answers to much need questions with only two shows separating us from Survivor Series.

Here are five things to watch for on tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw.

Braun Strowman’s Survivor Series role 

As mentioned above, Strowman made his return to Raw the same way we saw him leave at the TLC pay-per-view: In a garbage truck. Strowman had his eyes set on The Miz, but had to settle on destroying Axel, much to the delight of the fans in attendance. The Monster Among Men might actually be the biggest babyface in the company right now. Via social media, we learned that he would be a part of Team Raw for Survivor Series.

Strowman’s war-path against those that threw him into that garbage truck will probably continue tonight, and he does have some unfinished business with Kane. With Raw not having a single-branded PPV until February, we will probably get the conclusion to this feud over the course of the next month or so of TV. With Raw basically being a filler episode tonight, perhaps time is given to Strowman’s march to battle with Kane.

Guitar on a Pole match

Here me out on this one. When WWE adds gimmicks to a feud, that normally is the sign that it’s coming to an end. Perhaps tonight will be the last time we have to see Jason Jordan and Elias fight for a while. I know we will have to sit through this match, but it may all be worth it.

Jordan needs this match, and he needs to turn the heat that is on Elias into cheers for him when he gets the victory. Sadly, it feels as though Jordan is never going to be able to shake off the “Kurt Angle’s son” gimmick.

Miz TV

Speaking of Mr. Angle, we are told that tonight’s episode of Raw will open with Miz TV, with special guest Kurt Angle. Miz certainly has a bone to pick with the general manger, who made Miz stay till the end of Raw last week (and we know how that ended). He is sure to call out Angle for his conduct the last couple of weeks. Angle may force Miz to defend the IC title again. Fantasy booking alert: Having Miz defend against Strowman in the main event only to have Kane ruin it and go after Strowman is my prediction for the night.

This opening segment will set the pace for the entire show and after last week, that may be hard to replicate.

Kane’s next victim

We are building toward Strowman against Kane. Part of the build toward that match includes Kane being built up as a worthy challenger. So far, that has included Kane beating both Finn Balor and Seth Rollins. Taking a guess as to who is next, it probably will involved the other Shield member Dean Ambrose.  Tonight, Kane will claim his next victim, and we will complain about it on the internet. Rinse. Repeat.


The Empress of Tomorrow appears to be on the Nia Jax/Braun Strowman booking trajectory. Squash matches for Asuka seem to be the plan until WWE clears Survivor Series. After that PPV, Raw has plenty of time to get Asuka to whatever feud they want for her next. Mickie James strikes me as a very nice second feud for Asuka. That can keep her away from the title, while also keeping her high enough on the card so that fans still care when they do give her the title.

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