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5 things to watch for on SmackDown Live 10-17

Aj Styles WWE SmackDown (Photo by Gwendoline Le Goff/Panoramic/Icon Sportswire)
Gwendoline Le Goff/Panoramic/Icon Sportswire

Following Hell in a Cell, there were a lot of questions that needed to be answered. Tonight, SmackDown Live has new questions, mainly “where are we going from here?” That can be said of most, if not all of the current feuds that the blue brand is currently putting together. Hopefully, tonight begins the quest to answer some of those questions.

Here are five things to watch for on tonight’s edition of SmackDown Live.

Friends Forever

In one of the few big surprises in recent memory, Sami Zayn helped Kevin Owens defeat Shane McMahon at Hell in a Cell. That left WWE fans wondering just where this story would take us. Would Zayn be a heel? What would his reasoning be for helping his bitter enemy?

Well, we got those answers last week and while they weren’t perfect, they at least made sense. Zayn was tired of being told about the land of opportunity, yet never being able to succeed. He then thanked Owens for helping him and it appears as though Owens and Zayn are friends once again.

So with Owens getting rid of Shane, for the time being, something new must present itself for the newly re-formed friends. Perhaps a SmackDown Tag Team Title reign is in their future?

Jinder’s next challenger

Jinder Mahal’s WWE Championship reign is underwhelming. It has taken down Shinsuke Nakamura in the process, much to the dismay of many. If rumors are any indicator, we may be getting a champion vs. champion showdown at Survivor Series between Mahal and Universal Champion Brock Lesnar. That doesn’t give us any idea as to who could challenge Mahal next.

A.J. Styles just got done getting pinned clean by Baron Corbin. Nakmaura won’t be in line for a chance anytime soon after losing relatively cleanly at Hell in a Cell. Zayn just turned heel and buddied up with Owens. That takes out almost all three top-tier babyfaces, with nobody really behind them except……

Bobby Roode’s next feud

This could be the perfect way to propel Bobby Roode to the main event status that he deserves. Roode’s entrance will always be a babyface entrance, and with their being a clear need for Roode at the main event level, this could be the chance. Roode is supposed to be finishing up his feud with Dolph Ziggler tonight, then there really isn’t anything for him to do.

A Roode-Mahal feud to carry us through the new year and into Royal Rumble season might be just what SmackDown Live needs to make their main event scene watchable for the next couple of months.

A.J. Styles 

A.J. Styles’ run as United States Champion has come to an end, and there isn’t anything for him on the horizon. He lost cleanly to Baron Corbin last week in their rematch, with no clear direction as to where Styles may go next. With a number of weeks before SmackDown Live is back on pay-per-view, Styles needs something to do in the meantime. Could Shane McMahon need a tag team partner to take on Zayn/Owens?

Bludgeon Brothers

After months of wondering if Eric Rowan and Luke Harper were going to be the mystery team in the Fashion Files, we got a video package last week talking about the Bludgeon Brothers. For two guys that tried their own thing as singles competitors (and Harper never really got a fair shake at that), it seems that WWE has pulled the trigger on these two guys working together as a tag team once again. Stripped down of the Wyatt Family moniker, this could potentially breathe fresh air into them and the entire tag team division.

With the New Day and The Usos having mutual respect for each other, it doesn’t look like they will be fighting each other anytime soon. There is a big need for another major team in the division and that is where Harper and Rowan step in. It would also be nice to see these guys have singles runs while being together as a team because Harper has the potential to be a great U.S. champ and SmackDown Live is the land of opportunity. Tonight we should see more of these two, with their in-ring return just around the corner.

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