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5 things we learned from SmackDown Live 11-28

SmackDown Live

The blue brand hailed from the Bluegrass State on Tuesday night, for what a transitional episode of SmackDown Live on the road to Clash of Champions. It wasn’t an earth-shattering show by any means, but all storylines got moved forward, even if we only have the announcement of A.J. Styles vs. Jinder Mahal set in stone for the SmackDown Live-exclusive PPV in three weeks.

Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn care not for your rules

“Sami Zayn is barred from ringside” apparently means that Zayn can run down during the main event between Owens and Randy Orton and clobber the Viper with a steel chair.

In fact, it may have been more bizarre had Zayn not interfered, as the two men continue to build up their anti-authority personas. Why follow the rules Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon make if you feel they’re against you anyway?

What the repercussions for such actions will be is going to be a huge part of next week’s show, ultimately building towards whatever Owens & Zayn will have in store come Clash of Champions.

Phenomenenal One > 3

The A.J. Styles vs. The Singh Brothers beatdowns have gotten stale real quick, so on Tuesday night, we were treated to a pre-match jumping from Jinder Mahal. The Singh’s were actually allowed to take control during parts of the match, albeit off the assistance from the Modern Day Maharaja.

After Styles overcame the odds and picked up the win, he scampered away from an enraged Mahal, who focused his attention on his henchmen. He drilled each man with the Khallas, ramping up the intensity and desperation he feels moving toward Clash of Champions in his quest to regain the WWE Championship.

Mojo Rawley is most definitely hyped

After months of teasing the break-up, Mojo Rawley snapped. Following an extremely succinct loss to the Bludgeon Brothers, in which Rawley took all of one punch off the apron, he snapped on his former tag team partner, Zack Ryder, during the post-match interview.

Rawley played the role perfectly of first looking remorseful for having to break up the Hype Bros in such a manner, but quickly transitioned into his sadistic side as he walloped Long Island Iced Z and trash-talked his way through it.

He then delivered a brief backstage promo with the whole sequence feeling like it might be time to give Rawley a look as a singles competitor.

The Ascension are in a better place

In a scene largely derived from Saw, The Ascension and Breezango found themselves as the other’s only hope. For once, the Fashion Police weren’t the brains of the operation, leaving Konnor and Viktor to figure out their escape route.

Once Fandango and Tyler Breeze had secured their escape, they chose not to come back for The Ascension, who were left to a fate of poisonous gas filling their lungs. We were hit with the ominous “To Be Continued” as smoke engulfed the room.

The Riott Squad is for real

Hey, look, they added a “T” to the end of Ruby Riot(t)’s name.

The newest trio on the block for SmackDown Live picked up a win over the most dominant women in the division, with Riott herself pinning Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair. The duo of Sarah Logan and Liz Morgan beat Naomi down so bad she had to be helped out by medical personnel, proving that the landscape in the SmackDown women’s division may have legitimately changed.

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