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Bludgeon Brothers must steamroll Breezango



SmackDown Live

Tyler Breeze and Fandango have, somehow, managed to make the “Fashion Files” schtick work. They’ve frequently been involved in the most entertaining segments of SmackDown Live and their riffs off of pop culture have been consistently hilarious.

They are both solid in-ring performers and they’ve done the best they can with a rather lame-duck gimmick from the WWE. Despite all this, they absolutely must get crushed by the Bludgeon Brothers at Clash of Champions. Which stinks for Breezango, but in the grand scheme of things, getting run over by an up-and-coming team like the Bludgeon Brothers won’t hurt them one bit.

To some degree, the seeds for a glorified squash of sorts have already been planted. Breeze and Fandango were visibly frightened — and shaking — when they were talking about the match with the Harper and Rowan with The Ascension

The Bludgeon Brothers have run over everyone who has been put in their way to this point, and that needs to continue at the upcoming network special. Having them beat the hell out of jobbers and essentially split the Hype Bros up won’t matter nearly as much if they suddenly have a hard time with a tag team that hasn’t been involved in a match in quite some time.

No, for their continued push to work, they need to dominate the majority of what will likely be a short match at Clash of Champions. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a smart way to book it, however.

A (very) recent match on NXT stands out as an example of how things could go down between Breezango and the Bludgeon Brothers. As the yellow brand made its network television debut this week, we saw the Authors of Pain take on two of the toughest customers in the business in Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch.

The outcome seemed like a no-brainer, but Lorcan and Burch managed to catch the AOP off guard with an early offensive push. They managed maybe 20 seconds of offense, and looked stellar in the process. Akam and Rezar sold the early onslaught brilliantly, making each chop and punch look like it was making a real impact.

Then reality set in, the Authors of Pain got angry and they dismantled Burch and Lorcan with a series of devastating and impactful maneuvers. Even though they were on the receiving end of a loss, the two British strong style workers still managed to look good because of how the first minute of the match went.

We could see something similar unfold this Sunday at Clash of Champions. Breezango can get in some offense and actually add to their credibility despite taking a loss. Meanwhile, Bludgeon Brothers can continue their climb towards relevancy in a rapidly evolving tag-team division on Tuesday nights.

Harper and Rowan might be onto something special as a bruiser tag team on Tuesday nights. They have to beat someone somewhat meaningful at some juncture, and that needs to happen in an onslaught of a match on Sunday.

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