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Dear WWE | Are new GMs on the horizon?

wwe May 15, 2013; New York, NY, USA; 1996 Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle attends the wrestling meet between Iran and USA at Grand Central Terminal. Iran won the meet 18-8. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Are two new general managers on the horizon?

Kurt Angle’s job is on the line on Sunday night at Survivor Series. Daniel Bryan’s fate hangs in the balance in the coming days after the event, making as much apparent with his backstage interactions with commissioner Shane McMahon.

Angle has taken over in the wake of Mick Foley, but has ultimately accomplished his goal of finding a way to transition back into in-ring competition; Bryan has been SmackDown Live’s man in charge since it’s inception last summer. Both men garner loud crowd reactions and the cheers of the WWE universe alike, but could it be time that we see a seismic shift in the landscape?

Since the brand split, every general manager has played the babyface, striving to do whatever he deemed best for the product. It has had a fantastic run of delivering interesting television on a weekly basis, but with Stephanie McMahon running Raw, how long can this ruse really hold up? Whether or not Angle is victorious at Survivor Series, his days as GM are numbered; Stephanie has made it apparent her eyes are on a heel figurehead.

Then the next question becomes: who is in line to replace Angle? While there are no direct rumors to any past superstar, Triple H would seem to fit the bill, as would Stephanie unilaterally naming herself as GM. The issue becomes whether the McMahon’s would want to travel every week with Raw and have on-screen roles in the manner Angle as had.

An outside dark horse pick? Corey Graves. It would be a catastrophic move to take him off of the commentary table, but in the wake of his involvement in storylines over the summer, the installment of a heel GM Graves would be a huge swing for Raw.

There’s no denying the incessant rumors surrounding Bryan and his return to the ring, whether it be with WWE or another promotion. Bryan himself as pegged the number of returning with the WWE at less than a quarter percent shot, meaning that his days not only as SmackDown Live GM, but with the company at all seem numbered.

Despite Shane McMahon’s heelish actions surrounding the Survivor Series event, he remains the most over character on the blue brand not named Bryan or A.J. Styles. Him flipping heel would take a lot of storyline development which is not yet there, although the forcing out of Bryan could serve as its impetus.

Due to the fact that there is no direct candidate to take over in Bryan’s wake, a dark horse candidate reaches back into the past superstar collection: if the WWE is able to persuade either Edge or Christian, or in fact both, they would serve as brilliant babyfaces GM’s of SmackDown live to take over for Bryan.

For now, the removal of either man is merely a guessing game, although Sunday night could help lead us to a clearer picture.

Jesse is a news desk reporter and FRS SLAM columnist with FanRag Sports since August 2016. He graduated from Stony Brook University with a dual major in comparative literature and journalism.

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