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Get ready for big Sin Cara push


Sometimes the WWE does things that make you scratch your head. Lately, one of those things has been the booking of Sin Cara. Formerly part of the over-because-of-their-entrance Lucha Dragons, Cara has been catapulted from the very bottom of the card to the United States title scene in just three weeks time.

He’s got a new entrance — while keeping the trampoline-into-the-ring move — and, apparently, a new push behind him as well.

Baron Corbin, hot off a clean pinfall win over A.J. Styles to win the US Title at Hell in a Cell, seemed to be primed for big things on SmackDown Live. After all, Styles is one of the best in the business and is among WWE’s most bankable superstars. And he lost one-two-three in the middle of the ring.

Instead of big things, Corbin has been unable to defeat Sin Cara through the last three SmackDown Live shows, and on the most recent edition, the Lone Wolf actually ran from San Cara by escaping through the crowd.

Not surprisingly, a vocal cohort is up in arms about the direction of this feud, and it’s not difficult to see why. According to, Sin Cara was involved in televised matches just twice between May and September (h/t to Ryan Dilbert at Bleacher Report). That makes it feel like this push is coming out of nowhere and having Corbin struggle to defeat Sin Cara after he beat Styles at Hell in a Cell doesn’t make for the best optics.

Sometimes things can rapidly change in the wrestling business, with finishes to big matches sometimes being flipped at the last second — sometimes literally as the performers are walking to the ring.

After toiling as a bottom-of-the-card wrestler for the majority of his time in the WWE, Sin Cara recently signed an extension that is rumored to be for three years. That’s a big commitment from the WWE, and if it’s true, then it makes all the sense in the World that they’d start treating Sin Cara like a more credible threat.

It’s fair to point out that he’s never been a particularly outstanding in-ring performer. He doesn’t put on four- or five-star matches ever, and has typically been treated as a toss-in body without any real purpose. A three-year deal and a signature sneaker change things for Sin Cara from a business perspective, however, and those forces are likely behind his recent surge to relevance.

Seeing over wrestlers like Tye Dillinger sit on the sidelines while Sin Cara get an out-of-nowhere push isn’t fun, but fans are always clamoring to see different performers utilized in new ways within the company. People complain about having Roman Reigns crammed down their throats, only to turn around and also get upset whenever creative tries to build up a new star.

The work they’ve done with Jinder Mahal has been far from perfect, but he’s gone from a nobody to WWE Universal champion with legit heat in just a few months time. Whether you like the way he’s been built or not, at least it’s someone new and fresh. We can argue all day about whether or not he’s a “worthy champion,” and there are obviously better workers involved on Monday Night Raw, but it’s still something we haven’t seen before.

If you don’t want to see John Cena vs Randy Orton for the 1,205th time, then maybe be a bit more open-minded when it comes to who’s getting pushed. Sin Cara isn’t an indy darling like Styles or Shinsuke Nakamura, but he’s the only main-roster talent — we aren’t looking at 205 Live here — who can tap into a largely underserved Spanish-speaking group of WWE fans at this time.

Growing the overall brand in India has largely been the propelling force behind Mahal’s run as champion, and seeing Sin Cara get pushed for similar reasons shouldn’t be all too surprising.

WWE has big plans for Sin Cara. They wouldn’t have inked him to a three-year extension otherwise. So it’s time to gear up for that Sin Cara push, and you know what? If we see the kind of intensity we saw from him this past Tuesday, it just might work.

Franklin Steele is the assistant editor and featured writer of FanRag Sports' NHL side. He also covers the WWE for Steele, who joined FanRag Sports in October 2013, has been watching and playing hockey since the age of 6. His work has also appeared on, and Bleacher Report. All told, he has more than 3,000 bylines to his name and more than six million people have read his work since 2011. Feel free to follow him on Twitter @FranklinSteele (NHL) and @SteeleTheHeel (WWE).

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