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Kevin Owens vs Shinsuke Nakamura should have lasting effects

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Phelan Ebenhack/AP Images for WWE

With Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens recently mending their once tumultuous relationship, a new wrinkle has been added to the SmackDown Live slate. While Zayn and Owens originally began their WWE/NXT tenure as best friends, before it all went sour, it seems as though such a bond was a lifetime ago.

Although it is certainly nice to see Owens and Zayn back in action alongside one another, there are also other elements of this storyline that have the WWE Universe buzzing. While it is no secret that this friendship-turned-feud-turned-friendship has given Zayn a sizable boost on SmackDown Live, it has also allowed Owens to continue his ongoing feud with general manager Shane McMahon. Not only that, but such a rivalry can now improve and continue without watching repetitive banter or similar matches week after week — or pay-per-view after pay-per-view for that matter.

As a result, Owens’ upcoming match against Shinsuke Nakamura should have a lasting effect into Survivor Series and beyond.

While Zayn has already been eliminated from Survivor Series contention at the hands of Randy Orton, thanks to an interference gone bad from his best friend, it is now Owens’ turn. However, while the stipulation of the looming bout states that only one superstar can move on to Survivor Series, it is hard to imagine the November pay-per-view without both Zayn and Owens — or even more surprisingly without Nakamura if Owens is ultimately victorious.

As this is hard to believe, one would have to at least consider the fact that the SmackDown Live general manager will interject at some point along the way on Tuesday evening. On the other hand, could Zayn come into play considering he has no stake remaining in the matter outside of his relationship with Owens? Because all of this remains unknown ahead of the latest installment of SmackDown Live, it will surely cause the WWE Universe to tune in come Tuesday evening in Norfolk, Virginia.

This should be an entertaining one, folks.

Joe Nocco is a recent graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, born and raised in the New York area. Previously a contributor to SB Nation, and his own website titled Joe Nocco Sports, among others, Nocco has experience covering a variety of sports having specialized in content surrounding the NFL, NHL, NBA and MLB. You can follow Nocco at @JoeNoccoFRS on Twitter.

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