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The good and bad of Roode-Ziggler rematch on SmackDown Live

NXT Superstar Bobby Roode is seen at the WWE 2K18 SummerSlam Kickoff Event on Friday, Aug. 18, 2017, in New York. (Photo by Adam Hunger/Invision for 2K Games/AP Images)
Adam Hunger/Invision for 2K Games/AP Images

With the 2017 installment of Hell In A Cell now officially a thing of the past, the WWE has formally announced that this week’s episode of SmackDown Live will feature a rematch from the always popular pay-per-view event, as Bobby Roode and Dolph Ziggler will once again do battle Tuesday night.

“The heated rivalry between Bobby Roode and Dolph Ziggler will reach a boiling point when the brash Superstars clash in a rematch from WWE Hell in a Cell this Tuesday on SmackDown LIVE,” reads the WWE’s statement regarding the upcoming match.

“The two collided for the first time last Sunday on WWE Network, and The Glorious One got the upper hand on Ziggler, rolling him up with a handful of tights to earn the victory. A furious Ziggler got up after the bell and planted Roode into the canvas with a Zig Zag.”

However, there are reasons to be both excited with such a rematch and bored at the idea that this could become a lingering rivalry.

Ying And Yang 

While Ziggler has been running with his current storyline of being frustrated with his role within the WWE, the addition of Roode has finally added a new layer to the fold. Because of Roode’s lavish and gloriously entertaining entrance — which notably took center stage in NXT for the better part of the last year — Ziggler was able to oppose such a notion with his carousel approach upon entering the ring.

With both the wrestlers and overlapping themes coming together here, Ziggler and Roode can add some entertainment value to the middle portion of upcoming SmackDown Live shows. Not to mention that the tandem of veteran superstars have the ability to put on quite a show inside the squared circle, as well.

Old News, New(ish) Blood

Although Roode is a SmackDown Live newcomer, the Toronto, Ontario native is already 40 years old. Because Roode finally reached the highest level of professional wrestling at such an age, the window will be closing on his in-ring career sooner rather than later. As a result, it is worth asking whether or not the WWE is using his recent emergence on SmackDown Live properly.

Despite the fact that Ziggler has remained with the WWE for quite some time, it is no secret that his character has certainly lost some of its luster over the years. While this back-and-forth may die out shortly after a few go-rounds, especially with a successful pay-per-view match already in the bag, it will be hard to keep Roode atop the roster with repeated middle-of-the-episode matches against workers like Ziggler.

Joe Nocco is a recent graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, born and raised in the New York area. Previously a contributor to SB Nation, and his own website titled Joe Nocco Sports, among others, Nocco has experience covering a variety of sports having specialized in content surrounding the NFL, NHL, NBA and MLB. You can follow Nocco at @JoeNoccoFRS on Twitter.

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