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What’s next for Kane on the road to Braun Strowman?

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With the “Big Red Machine” officially back in the fold on Monday evenings, Kane is now in need of a new angle. While the heralded superstar will surely be causing some destruction throughout the Monday Night Raw roster over the course of the next several weeks, Kane appears to be in line for an eventual clash with “The Monster Among Men” in Braun Strowman.

However, it seems as though Kane will ultimately make his way back to Strowman by way of a series of challenges as “The Monster Among Men” is reportedly slated to miss an extended period of time thanks to the chaos caused at Tables, Ladders and Chairs. With Finn Balor becoming the latest superstar to feel the wrath of Kane, who will be next for “The Devil’s Favorite Demon?”

The Big Show: 

Although The Big Show’s time as a professional wrestler is surely coming to a halt at this point in his WWE tenure, one last go-round with Kane wouldn’t be the worst idea. Because The Big Show won’t be involved in any hard-hitting storylines in the near future, the veteran superstar is a quality candidate to help promote Kane as he continues on the road to Strowman. Despite the fact that The Big Show would have to endure a massive choke slam en route to a loss, throwing it back to “The Attitude Era” one final time could add some nostalgia to Monday Nigh Raw if nothing else.

Matt Hardy: 

With Jeff Hardy currently on the sideline due to a lingering injury, Matt Hardy could use a bit of  boost on Monday evenings. Because the Hardys’ tag-team angle cannot truly continue with Jeff nursing such a setback, Matt will need to remain at least somewhat relevant during the ongoing hiatus. If the WWE wants the Hardys’ eventual return to the Monday Night Raw tag-team division to go as seamlessly as possible, Matt must compete as a singles competitor in the interim. It is also worth noting that although the Monday evening tag-team slate is still thriving in the absence of the Hardy Boyz, the presence of the beloved tag-team is only a positive no matter the capacity.

Samoa Joe:

Originally bursting onto the scene as a member of the Raw brand by way of NXT, Samoa Joe has since fallen from grace en route to taking a brief break from his on-screen performances. Because Samoa Joe could be waiting in the wings to make his return to the WWE, perhaps taking on a legend in Kane could make his eventual return a bit smoother? However, after the aforementioned Balor was forced to lose against Kane just last week, the odds of both “The Demon King” and Samoa Joe jobbing for Kane are unlikely. Even so, Samoa Joe does need to re-enter the fold in some form while re-emerging as a top contender right off the bat may become a little difficult at this point in the year.

The Undertaker: 

Though this one is most definitely a long shot, what could be better than an end result of The Undertaker versus Kane? Or even The Undertaker alongside Kane in order to defeat Strowman? Sure, Strowman is the ultimate result for Kane here, but a match against The Undertaker — win or lose — would only enhance the superstar’s status going forward. With Survivor Series on the horizon, could The Undertaker be slated to make a return sooner rather than later?

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