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Who should rival Matt Hardy in this time of change?


Much to the pleasure of the WWE Universe, it appears to be yet another wonderful time Matt Hardy‘s professional wrestling career. Although there have been delete chants coupled with his funky hairstyle since the Hardy Boyz’s return to the WWE earlier this year, it is now nearing the time for Hardy to become 100 percent…broken.

As a result, the seasoned superstar is now in need of a rival during this time of change while there are definitely more than a few options on Monday evenings.

Bray Wyatt

This is the obvious choice, but still probably the best available option nonetheless. Because Wyatt was recently sidelined for an extended period of time, “The Eater of Worlds” is also in need of a dance partner at the moment. With Matt’s brother, Jeff, currently out of the picture due to a lingering injury, one would argue that these two superstars are the strangest on the Monday Night Raw roster, making them the perfect pair for the occasion.

With Hardy continuing his long-awaited transformation under the WWE umbrella, it seems only right that Wyatt would ultimately bring broken Matt back to life. While these two originally began a back-and-forth rapport this past Monday, it remains to be seen as to whether Wyatt remains in the fold throughout the entire process.

‘The Demon King’ Finn Balor

Finn Balor has encountered quite the odd role on Mondays while beginning to bounce around from storyline to storyline. While briefly feuding with Samoa Joe, it now seems as though Joe has moved on to bigger and better things en route to rising to the top of the list for the current Intercontinental Champion Roman Reigns. With Joe unavailable and the ever popular Royal Rumble pay-per-view now on the immediate horizon, this could be the perfect time for “The Demon King” to make his return.

As Hardy gears up to make quite the splash on Monday evenings, it seems fitting that yet another crowd favorite in Balor — specifically as “The Demon” — would aid such a push.

Jeff Hardy

Brother Nero is that you? While this would be quite the long-shot, one can dream, no?

Because the aforementioned Jeff Hardy is currently on the mend due to an injury, this rivalry is surely not possible at the moment. However, with the “Road to WrestleMania” looming, Jeff versus Matt could create some serious buzz ahead of the annual event, which is scheduled for early April this year. It remains to be seen as to whether or not Jeff makes it back before WrestleMania 34, which would obviously call for some fill-ins along the way — possibly Wyatt and/or Balor? — though a build-up to such a moment might be worth the wait in the end.

Joe Nocco is a recent graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, born and raised in the New York area. Previously a contributor to SB Nation, and his own website titled Joe Nocco Sports, among others, Nocco has experience covering a variety of sports having specialized in content surrounding the NFL, NHL, NBA and MLB. You can follow Nocco at @JoeNoccoFRS on Twitter.

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