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WWE top-25 power rankings for Dec 1


25 – Bludgeon Brothers (Last week: 24)

Another week in the WWE equates to more destruction for Harper and Rowan, who dispatched of the Hype Bros in astonishing fashion. The aftermath, which featured a Hype Bros break-up, was more enthralling than the match itself, but as the SmackDown tag division appears to be slanted towards babyface groups, the Bludgeon Brothers present quite the heel alternative.

24 – Enzo Amore (Last week: 22)

Zo Train or no Zo Train, his time in the power rankings is on the hot seat. Amore has been a breathe of new life into the cruiserweight division, it’s just a question of whether or not new life should have been given in the first place.

23 – New Day (Last week: unranked)

A huge tag team victory over Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin moves The New Day back in as major contenders, although a shot at The Usos and their tag belts feels like a huge game of runaround. Few are deserving of tag title shots like the four-time champs, but another feud with The Usos would be tapping the well far too dry.

22 – Bobby Roode (Last week: 23)

Roode laid down the gauntlet this week, challenging Baron Corbin for his United States Championship. As the Lone Wolf continues to shirk him, look for Clash of Champions to feature a showdown between the two as Roode looks for his first gold since joining the main roster.

21 – Cesaro & Sheamus (Last week: 21)

With Sheamus away for the week, it was left to Cesaro to deliver a stellar one-on-one match with Seth Rollins on Raw. For the second straight week, the tag champs lost to The Shield in singles competition, with next Monday serving as the proving ground for their entire title reign to this point, which has felt merely as a way to get them onto Survivor Series. They get their hands on Rollins and Ambrose in Los Angeles.

20 – The Miz (Last week: 18)

It was a bye week for The Miz after dropping his Intercontinental Championship to Roman Reigns the week prior. Instead, The Miztourage filled in for him, taking the side of Elias during his title match against Reigns.

19 – Jason Jordan (Last week: 19)

Jordan continues to remain a major part of the plans on Raw, despite the ever-growing jeers which are slowly forcing his character to adapt. The heel turn is the writing on the wall, and despite taking a mauling from Kane, he retains his spot inside the Top-20 due to his prominence on a weekly basis.

18 – Shinsuke Nakamura (Last week: 16)

The free fall down the ladder continues for Nakamura who continues to rack up the non-appearances on television. His booking has reached levels of an arctic freeze that is going to need to thaw out sooner rather than later, with no end in sight for when that may come.

17 – Absolution (Last week: unranked)

The new fearsome trio of Monday nights proved that they weren’t a one-night act this past week. After destroying the Raw women’s locker room for the second straight week, they oddly agreed to let Asuka walk away from a 3-on-1 assault. The situation is only just beginning, but Paige most certainly appears to be back.

16 – Riott Squad (Last week: unranked)

Of the two three-women trios, the Riott Squad is the one that has actually competed in a match to this point and they get the early elevation after Ruby Riott got a pinfall victory over Charlotte, the SmackDown Women’s Champion. Unlike Asuka on Monday nights, the Tuesday night ladies don’t appear to have that one member of the division a group can fear.

15 – Baron Corbin (Last week: 17)

Corbin continues to ham up his heel role as United States Champion, setting the stage for his showdown against Bobby Roode. He was limited to a backstage segment this week, but remains in the thick of Tuesday nights.

14 – Randy Orton (Last week: 15)

Orton put forth a strong effort against Kevin Owens on Tuesday night but was unable to overcome the interference of Sami Zayn. The Viper is certain to be out for revenge next week, with Zayn having ignored his banishment from the match. With none of the men having anything explicitly planned for Clash of Champions, look for Orton to be out for revenge.

13 – Asuka (Last week: 13)

Tapping out Dana Brooke in record time is reason enough to keep Asuka near the cream of the WWE’s crop. She’ll eventually need a feud worthy of her talents, although the interaction with Absolution could be a precursor to the direction she’ll soon be taking.

12 – The Usos (Last week: 12)

They served only as guest commentators this week, yet furthered themselves by keeping up with their slowly transforming babyface ways. The move is curious, as the majority of the division seems to be shifting towards good guys fighting one another for shots at the belt, with a clear No. 1 contender not yet established.

11 – Charlotte Flair (Last week: 11)

The Queen ate the loss on Tuesday night against the Riott Squad, having to put over the new trio. As she battles the rest of the locker room, a showdown with Ruby Riott may be on the near horizon.

10 – Kane (Last week: 7)

The Big Red Machine obliterated Jason Jordan, before almost decapitating Finn Balor, but none of that matters in the long run of getting trounced by Braun Strowman. The Monster Among Men beat Kane all over the ringside area, leading to him escaping from the arena gasping for air.

9 – Jinder Mahal (Last week: 10)

Tension is building for the No. 1 contender to the WWE Championship, as Mahal snapped on his henchmen this week following their loss to A.J. Styles. Mahal continues to sit on the sidelines as the Singh Brothers flounder, but he reacted this week with a Khallas for each man to display his displeasure at their inability to get the job done.

8 – Alexa Bliss (Last week: 8)

It appears that November was the month for things going under siege in more ways than one: after the Raw vs. SmackDown invasion angle, Alexa Bliss’ Raw women’s division seems to be going under siege in its own right. Still, she remains the goddess of Monday nights, yet to answer a response from her beatdown at the hands of Absolution.

7 – Finn Balor (Last week: 5)

It appeared Raw would be a Balor-less show until the final minutes when he curiously bailed out Jason Jordan from further harm at the hands of Kane. He put together a strong effort against the much bigger man, eventually picking up the win by disqualification.

6 – Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn (Last week: 9)

Their constant weekly movement up and down the rankings chart continues. Owens picked up a massive win over Orton on SmackDown this past week, albeit with some aid from his “guardian angel” Sami Zayn. The two men have declared all-out war on the SmackDown Live establishment, which makes them must-watch every Tuesday night to see their next move.

5 – Braun Strowman (Last week: 6)

It appears that Strowman was able to shake off that throat injury. The Monster Among Men returned on Monday night to save Finn Balor from Kane, going on to decimate the 7-footer. He got his revenge by slamming a chair into Kane’s throat on numerous occasions, sending the Big Red Machine stumbling through the crowd as Raw went off the air.

4 – Samoa Joe (Last week: 4)

First, Joe took care of Titus O’Neil and Apollo Crews in succinct fashion. Then, later in the night, he struck as Roman Reigns staggered up the ramp following his title defense over Elias. By choking out the Intercontinental Champion, Joe put the Big Dog on notice that his new gold is firmly in his crosshairs.

3 – A.J. Styles (Last week: 3)

Styles spent his week beating up the Singh Brothers, followed by watching Jinder Mahal do the same after he got out of harm’s way. He has two more weeks to hype the main event of Clash of Champions up as much as possible, despite the fact that Tuesday nights are now firmly the product of A.J. Styles.

2 – The Shield (Last week: 2)

Two matches, two victories for the Brothers in Arms. Maybe most illuminating was the interview Seth Rollins gave after his match, in which he said that The Shield is able to operate as separate units, which gives hope to the group going forward. Rollins and Ambrose look to reclaim the Tag Team Championships on Monday, making it a gold reunion for the Hounds of Justice.

1 – Brock Lesnar (Last week: 1)

Not much to add for Lesnar this week, as he waits his next opponent, which will likely come at the Royal Rumble. His top spot will be in jeopardy should The Shield win the Tag Team Titles next week, but for now, Brock is still the top guy.

Jesse is a news desk reporter and FRS SLAM columnist with FanRag Sports since August 2016. He graduated from Stony Brook University with a dual major in comparative literature and journalism.

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