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WWE top-25 power rankings for Nov 17


25 – Bayley (Last week: unranked)

Everyone’s favorite hugger cracks her way into the Top-25 with a Triple Threat Match victory from Monday night that put her on Team Raw for Survivor Series. Despite rumors that Paige could be tabbed to fill the spot upon her return, the former Women’s Champion finds her way onto the biggest women’s match on the card.

24 – Bray Wyatt (Last week: 25)

The Eater of Worlds has returned after a lengthy absence and rather than get an explanation, we got a loss to Jason Jordan. Wyatt’s baffling booking still defies logic, but when you have a character as complex as Wyatt, decisions can get muddled.

23 – Enzo Amore (Last week: 23)

The Cruiserweight Champion continues to attempt to spice up 205 Live, even if it continues to be as bland as old tofu. He’ll defend his strap against Kalisto on Sunday, but will be booted to the pre-show.

22 – Kurt Angle (Last week: 20)

It was a rocky week for Raw’s general manager, which has been a constant lately. He was all but forced to pull his son Jason Jordan from his Survivor Series team, before having Triple H lay down the law right in front of him. But he returned strong the next night to invade SmackDown Live and lay waste to Shane McMahon and the blue brand as a modicum of revenge for the #UnderSiege attack. His job is on the line on Sunday.

21 – Bobby Roode (Last week: 17)

The Glorious One has been left in the background since being named to Team SmackDown. He’s also a likely candidate to be one of the first guys eliminated from the traditional Survivor Series match due to the lack of star power around him.

20 – Jason Jordan (Last week: 18)

Despite picking up the win over Bray Wyatt to continue his upward ascension, Jordan suffered a knee injury during the match, which led to an awkward string of conversations with his father Kurt Angle over his place on the Survivor Series team. His night ended with him eating a Pedigree from Triple H, having his spot pulled out from under him.

19 – Baron Corbin (Last week: 22)

After weeks of back and forth sparing with Sin Cara, he finally put his United States Title on the line. A victory meant he would clinch his spot against The Miz at Survivor Series while simultaneously defending his belt, ending his evening by planting the masked luchador with an End of Days that earned the pinfall.

18 – Asuka (Last week: 16)

Despite her placement on the Raw Survivor Series team, her weekly work on the show has been sparse. She did spin kick Dana Brooke into the next dimension, costing her a spot on the team, but she will have to focus on becoming one of the remaining survivors on Sunday.

17 – John Cena (Last week: 14)

Cena found his way onto the power rankings last week after the announcement that he would join Team SmackDown at Survivor Series. He then did… absolutely nothing. He was name-dropped as a major member of the team, but failed to show, leaving the wait for Sunday in Houston.

16 – Triple H (Last week: unranked)

Much in the same manner as Cena making the Top-25 last week, The Game punctuated his return by Pedigreeing Jason Jordan and taking his spot on Team Raw at Survivor Series. With the King of Kings set to continue his in-ring work on house shows in the coming months, and with WrestleMania looming on the horizon, this may not merely be a one-night outing.

15 – Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn (Last week: 13)

Their descent continues. After being sent home from the international tour, Owens and Zayn have had odd interactions both in the ring and behind the scenes. Both will be left off the Survivor Series card, with their best chance of impacting the show coming as potential interference.

14 – The Usos (Last week: 15)

They seem to have averted major crisis after Jey Uso’s knee injury was not nearly as bad as it appears. Jimmy had his brother’s back, knocking off Chad Gable in 1-on-1 action on Tuesday. They now get a match against Cesaro and Sheamus at Survivor Series, attempting to prove their supremacy in the tag division.

13 – The Miz (Last week: 12)

Raw this week featured what could have originally been the TLC main event had everything gone according to plan, with The Miz eating a Triple Powerbomb from The Shield for the defeat. His collision with the Hounds of Justice had to come eventually, with his next step being a showdown with Baron Corbin on Sunday.

12 – Charlotte Flair (Last week: 24)

The Queen reclaimed her crown on Tuesday, forcing Natalya to tap out, which won her back the SmackDown Women’s Championship. The timing was perfect, as the show aired from Flair Country, complete with an appearance from her father. Charlotte has the blue and white strap back and will now take it into battle against the Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss at Survivor Series to determine the WWE’s true alpha female.

11 – Randy Orton (Last week: 8)

The Viper has waited on the sidelines ahead of Survivor Series, taking a bye week from SmackDown this week. It knocks him back in the rankings, but that’s primarily due to the big week many other stars had.

10 – Shinsuke Nakamura (Last week: 4)

Nakamura suffers a similar fate to that of Orton, with others having a big week as he crawls into Survivor Series. How he performs on Sunday will have a big part in determining his future spot on the SmackDown Live roster, but it’s time that Nakamura gets rolling.

9 – Alexa Bliss (Last week: 7)

Bliss kept it short and sweet this week on Raw, setting the stage for a match she didn’t know she would be having at the time. Now, it’ll be Bliss vs. Flair at Survivor Series, delivering a showdown between the two as they attempt to prove their brands — and respective women’s divisions — superiority.

8 – Braun Strowman (Last week: 10)

Strowman main evented Raw this week in a collision with Kane, after demanding the match from general manager Kurt Angle. He powerslammed Kane through the ring, adding a new twist to the Monster Among Men moniker.

7 – Kane (Last week: 9)

The enormous Kane push continues, despite his absence from the Survivor Series card. He had to go flying through the ring and onto the floor this week, but with the enhanced entrance theme and renewed purpose behind his character, he remains near the top of the power rankings.

6 – Jinder Mahal (Last week: 6)

Just a week after losing the WWE Championship to A.J. Styles, Mahal’s entire evening was summed up in a backstage meeting with the new champion. He went from headlining Survivor Series against Brock Lesnar to being left off the card entirely. Regardless, Mahal remains directly in the WWE Title hunt, with a rematch against Styles looming at Clash of Champions in December.

5 – Samoa Joe (Last week: 11)

The dream team of Samoa Joe and Finn Balor took on Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson this week, giving wrestling fans a strange bedfellows combo that worked to a tee. Joe has firmly established himself as a dominant force upon his return, figuring to factor in as a major player at Survivor Series on Sunday.

4 – Finn Balor (Last week: 5)

Balor picked up the pinfall after Joe did much of the dirty work on Monday. The two seem destined for a feud after Sunday comes to a close, but for now, they’ll have to continue getting along if Team Raw is to keep from imploding.

3 – The Shield (Last week: 3)

With Roman Reigns back, The Shield was all green lights ahead this week. They won their return match against The Miz, Sheamus, and Cesaro, before going on to destroy SmackDown Live the following night. The half Raw/half Shield shirts were interesting, but they fail to move up because of their lack of gold and hype surrounding the Lesnar-Styles collision on Sunday.

2 – Brock Lesnar (Last week: 2)

In brilliant Paul Heyman fashion, he took one promo and made an already epic showdown all the more hotly-anticipated. Lesnar vs. Styles is going to tear the house down according to Heyman, and you’re wild if you don’t have the WWE Network and tune in, which he isn’t wrong about.

1 – A.J. Styles (Last week: 1)

The Phenomenal One had an advocate of his own on Tuesday, with SmackDown Live general manager delivering the counter speech to Paul Heyman. Styles appears locked and loaded on Lesnar, even if it will be a oone-night-only showdown. The big question becomes whether or not they’ll close the show or leave it to the traditional Survivor Series match.

Jesse is a news desk reporter and FRS SLAM columnist with FanRag Sports since August 2016. He graduated from Stony Brook University with a dual major in comparative literature and journalism.

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