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WWE top-25 power rankings for Nov 24


25 – Chad Gable + Shelton Benjamin (Last week: unranked)

Their rivalry with The Usos appears back on after the Survivor Series speed bump, as Benjamin picked up a singles victory. After a week out of the rankings, they find themselves back in as they re-enter the tag title scene.

24 – Bludgeon Brothers (Last week: unranked)

The duo re-debuted with the shortened names of just Harper and Rowan and delivered everything that could be expected. They looked the part and physically dominated the Hype Bros. Their appearance comes as a welcome addition to the tag division.

23 – Bobby Roode (Last week: 21)

Roode got the rub of appearing in the main event of Survivor Series, but also suffered the fate of an early elimination. He now faces the hurdle of figuring out what’s next, with something like a feud over the United States Title with Baron Corbin looking desirable.

22 – Enzo Amore (Last week: 23)

The plot thickens in the division thinnest on intriguing storylines. With the establishment of the Zo Train by his side, Amore remains the Cruiserweight Champion for just a little bit longer but has turned the remainder of the division into his puppets.

21 – Cesaro & Sheamus (Last week: unranked)

It was a rough pair of nights for the Raw Tag Champions, but there’s no denying their Survivor Series match against The Usos was thrilling. Sheamus then suffered a singles loss to Dean Ambrose on Raw, before they watched Roman Reigns thwart their plans and capture the Intercontinental Title.

20 – Kurt Angle (Last week: 22)

Angle had a strong showing at Survivor Series, eliminating John Cena before he was on his way to finishing off Shane McMahon and clinching the victory. A Pedigree from Triple H later and we have the likely possibility of Angle vs. HHH in the near future.

He may just continue on in his general manager role for now, but Angle is sure to push up the rankings again when he steps back in between the ropes.

19 – Jason Jordan (Last week: 20)

After he was held off of the Survivor Series card in favor of Triple H, he stepped to the crown to open Raw. His night ended with a beating from Braun Strowman, but seeds were also planted for a heel turn with the complainants of a knee injury and attempts to lean on Angle.

18 – The Miz (Last week: 13)

It was a tough week for The Miz, losing to Baron Corbin at Survivor Series, before dropping his prized Intercontinental Title to Roman Reigns on Raw.

17 – Baron Corbin (Last week: 19)

He earned a massive win at Survivor Series by knocking off The Miz. He has real momentum moving forward as the United States Champion and will have the next few months heading into the Royal Rumble to prove himself as a titleholder.

16 – Shinsuke Nakamura (Last week: 10)

The burial of Shinsuke Nakamura continues. He somehow drew the unlucky straw of being the first man eliminated from the Survivor Series main event, before being relegated to the sidelines once again on Tuesday night. The lack of usage for Nakamura gets more baffling as the weeks go by.

15 – Randy Orton (Last week: 11)

He had a decent showing at Survivor Series, making it down to the second-to-last member of Team SmackDown. He got Tuesday night off, before he returns next week to take on Kevin Owens and give himself a chance to get a rivalry renewed.

14 – Triple H (Last week: 16)

Despite not being a member of the match until just six days prior, The Game imposed his will on the Survivor Series main event. He’s not likely to continue on as a weekly competitor, but he set himself up for matches with Jordan, Angle and Strowman all in a handful of nights.

13 – Asuka (Last week: 18)

SmackDown was definitely not ready for Asuka. The Empress of Tomorrow was the sole survivor of the women’s elimination match, continuing her ascent to the top of the women’s division.

12 – The Usos (Last week: 14)

It was another PPV, another stellar performance for The Usos. They picked up the win over Cesaro and Sheamus at Survivor Series, establishing themselves as the WWE’s current top dogs of the tag division.

11 – Charlotte Flair (Last week: 12)

Charlotte also defeated her counterpart Champion from Raw, knocking off Alexa Bliss just days after winning the title again. With the landscape of the women’s division taking a turn following Ruby Riot, Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan’s arrival, their are even more suitors to the Queen’s throne.

10 – Jinder Mahal (Last week: 6)

He has been relegated to threatening promos for the time being, but that’s not enough to keep Mahal in the spotlight. His rematch against A.J. Styles has been booked for Clash of Champions, which assures even more of the same when it comes to promos and build for the rematch.

9 – Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn (Last week: 15)

No two superstars on the roster have a more wild roller coaster ride on a weekly basis than Owens and Zayn. In this week’s installment, they survived a stacked deck to defeat The New Day in a Lumberjack Match, avoiding the wrath of Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon. They’ll be under the microscope once again next week, with Clash of Champions on the horizon.

8 – Alexa Bliss (Last week: 9)

Despite her loss to Charlotte, Bliss seemed able to stave off her challengers on Monday, at least initially. After being introduced to Paige, Sonya Deville, and Mandy Rose backstage, her night ended in a heap as the new trio attempted to establish themselves as the top heels.

7 – Kane (Last week: 7)

Having passed up on the opportunity to appear at Survivor Series and cost Braun Strowman, Kane responded in a big way on Monday night. He first bailed out Jason Jordan, before nearly taking the windpipe of Strowman with him. The two behemoths seem far from done with one another.

6 – Braun Strowman (Last week: 8)

Despite his last appearance on Raw ending with his gasping for air, Strowman had another monster week. Survivor Series closed with him hitting the Running Powerslam on Triple H twice, setting up that mega match whenever the company wants it. He was also one of two men left standing in the main event, establishing that he is not merely a big man act, but a legitimate main event and title contender.

5 – Finn Balor (Last week: 4)

The workhorse of Monday nights put forth another strong effort against Samoa Joe before ultimately coming up short. He may not have been a survivor on Sunday, but Balor is still the class of Raw when it comes to in-ring work.

4 – Samoa Joe (Last week: 5)

The Samoan Submission Machine was back on display Monday night, forcing Balor to pass out in his grasp. The two men are set for a huge rivalry in the coming weeks, with Joe having his eyes set on the Royal Rumble and a potential WrestleMania main event match.

3 – A.J. Styles (Last week: 1)

He made a tremendous effort against Brock Lesnar on Sunday, coming up just short against The Beast. The match was everything wrestling fans hoped it would be, giving all the more backing to the notion of Styles as champion. He’ll be locked up with Mahal for at least another month, putting his belt on the line at Clash of Champions, which means more Jinder promos and beatdowns of the Singh Brothers in his future.

2 – The Shield (Last week: 3)

Rollins and Ambrose dropping their belts was merely a casualty in order to see The Shield and The New Day collide at Survivor Series. After establishing their dominance there, Roman Reigns captured the Intercontinental Title from The Miz on Monday, giving the group some gold back. Just like old times, The Shield is holding down their yard.

1 – Brock Lesnar (Last week: 2)

In a brilliant encounter with A.J. Styles, Lesnar proved his superiority. The next time The Beast realistically competes is at the Royal Rumble, so how long he holds onto the top spot is unknown, but for now, he’s the class of the WWE and the undisputed champion of the business.

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