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WWE top-25 power rankings for Nov 3


25 – Bray Wyatt

His presence on WWE Raw still looms too large even when he’s not in attendance for him to fall off the list for the time being. His illness could not have come at a worse time for his character, which is set to return with a vengeance (and Sister Abigail) as soon as he is cleared.

24 – Jason Jordan

After receiving a hellacious guitar shot to the tricep a week ago, Jordan rebounded with a showing that included obliterating Elias’ new guitar. It appears that he most definitely does not want to walk with Elias.

23 – Dolph Ziggler

Another major opportunity was thwarted for Ziggler, who was a Survivor Series hero less than three years ago and now appears to be on his way left off the card. He fell to Bobby Roode in a 2-out-of-3 Falls Match on Tuesday to determine who would represent Team SmackDown Live, but he had a more than decent showing. His future direction continues to remain in flux, but if nothing else, the Show-Off has shown he can still go in the ring with damn near anyone.

22 – Charlotte Flair

Another quiet week for the Queen of SmackDown, as she has been relegated to becoming a member of the SmackDown women’s team, which is captained by Becky Lynch. As Natalya goes off to fight Alexa Bliss at Survivor Series, it’s tough to see how Bliss vs. Charlotte in a champion vs. champion match wouldn’t have been the biggest draw imaginable.

21 – Enzo Amore

He continues to remain the sole reason the cruiserweight division hasn’t completely fallen on its face. His standoff with Kalisto doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon, as a potential cruiserweight Elimination Match for the pre-show (with the two men as captains) draws nearer and nearer.

20 – Cesaro & Sheamus

They may still be The Bar of the tag team division, but Cesaro suffered a loss at the hands of Finn Balor this week, continuing their perplexing placement on the roster. In a traditional ilk, they would be suited perfectly to help captain an elimination match team against The Shield, but the battle for brand superiority has left them on the sidelines.

19 – Baron Corbin

Another week, another bizarre bout with Sin Cara. Why creative feels the two men are compatible is a mystery, as Sin Cara lost his mind on Corbin on Tuesday night, forcing the big man to retreat into the crowd to escape the Luchador. Corbin gets The Miz at Survivor Series, but for now, he can barely handle Sin Cara on SmackDown Live.

18 – Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin

They finally have their date for their match against The Usos: next Tuesday. While a title change somewhere across the board seems necessary, the Rollins/Ambrose vs. Usos match doesn’t need one; Gable and Benjamin are going to have their shot at the belts, but lose a spot in the rankings for having Chad Gable attempt to rap on live television.

17 – Kurt Angle

It wasn’t a great week for the Raw general manager. His job is now on the line at Survivor Series, while also being forced to step back into the ring as his team’s captain. He did sign Braun Strowman as his partner, so not all hope is lost, but Angle will likely remain a major part of the storyline heading into the November event, especially considering the backstage attack on SmackDown Live general manager Daniel Bryan under his watch.

16 – Samoa Joe

The Samoan Submission Machine was suddenly back. Rather than saving him for a surprise return, the WWE thrust him right onto the screen, having him mow down Apollo Crews, and then after the match, Titus O’Neil. Where he fits into the long-term plans is not yet clear, although he presents an intriguing option for the Raw vs. SmackDown match at Survivor Series. (Along with the Angle vs. Joe possibility down the road)

15 – Asuka

She’s going to need to beat some stiffer competition than Stacie Cullen to move up the ranks. The poor girl took multiple shots from Asuka, basically standing there like a pin cushion, waiting to get pricked. It hasn’t been officially announced yet but Asuka on Team Raw for Survivor Series is going to be a major boon for the red brand.

14 – Bobby Roode

After a first rivalry with Dolph Ziggler to kick-off his main roster career, Roode seems to be on the verge of getting pushed to the big time. He defeated Ziggler in an excellent 2-out-of-3 Falls Match to earn a spot on Team SmackDown, which shows the faith booking has in him to excel already.

13 – Braun Strowman

Aside from the cheesy choreography of his return, Strowman chasing down, and then eviscerating the Miz and the Miztourage had to be one of the top moments from the past week in wrestling. After Cesaro and Sheamus, as well as Kane, informed Miz that he was on his own in defending himself against the Monster Among Men, it didn’t take long for Strowman to exact his revenge. He still has the Kane hurdle to climb, but this was a start.

12 – The Usos

Another week and another drop for The Usos who while are pulling off nice one-bit skits, aren’t doing a whole lot of wrestling, which may have something to do with the hellacious Hell in a Cell Match they had a few weeks back. They’ll break that streak next week when they put their SmackDown Tag Team Titles on the line against Gable and Benjamin.

11 – The Miz

Defeating Matt Hardy with the Intercontinental Championship on the line? Good. Being chased out of your private limousine after Braun Strowman appears out of the back of a garbage truck and then beaten all over the arena? Bad. At least the A-Lister held onto his belt.

10 – Randy Orton

Orton’s contribution this week was to run Sami Zayn off during the Owens-Nakamura main event, while looking on sinisterly as Shinsuke pinned KO to join Team SmackDown for Survivor Series. The Viper is an elimination match All-Star, priming himself to help the blue brand claim superiority.

9 – Kane

After picking up a pinfall win over Finn Balor, Seth Rollins can be added to the list of victims as Kane’s (for lack of a better word) monster push continues. Before the fight began, he laid waste to Balor with a Tombstone Piledriver on the stage like it was nothing. His in-ring fight was nothing special, but the former director of operations defeated the man he used to protect, by way of loads of interference.

8 – Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn

Now that they are officially out for Team SmackDown, the thought that they’ll be running interference against the Shane McMahon-captained blue squad appears a near certainty. It’s a brief sting to their momentum coming off Hell in the Cell, as well as a risk to not capitalize on it immediately.

7 – Finn Balor

Balor and Cesaro put a strong match on display during Raw this week, just for the leader of Balor Club to eat a Tombstone Piledriver after the match from Kane. Balor will need to join Team Raw for Survivor Series to stay in the mix, but how they’ll move that storyline along is still to be seen.

6 – Alexa Bliss

Her main event match against Mickie James for the Raw Women’s Title may have been cut a bit short in order to introduce the Braun Strowman-Miz narrative, but it was another impressive showing from WWE’s goddess, as she defeated Mickie with a straight shot to the temple. Her reign continues as a showdown with Natalya looms.

5 – Shinsuke Nakamura

By virtue of defeating Kevin Owens, Nakamura will represent Team SmackDown at Survivor Series and that is a major positive for him moving forward. The Artist has been a bit lost since showing up and not capturing the WWE Championship, proving that for all the positives he has brought to the table, creative not capitalizing on it has lost him in the shuffle. His win on Tuesday moves him in the right direction.

4 – Jinder Mahal

The Beast Master! Mahal cut another Lesnar-focused promo on Tuesday, doubling down on his claims that he could knock off Universal Champion Brock Lesnar come Survivor Series. He then also had to watch as A.J. Styles defeat Samir Singh, before the Modern-day Maharaja laid waste to the Phenomenal One.

3 – A.J. Styles

On top of his win over a Singh brother for the second straight week, Styles also earned the opportunity to represent Team SmackDown at Survivor Series with a qualifying match next week against Rusev. Either he gets the chance (which seems likely), or Mahal and the Singh’s appear, throwing a wrench into the plans.

2 – Brock Lesnar

There’s no real reason to move the Beast from his high spot in the rankings. Mahal is bringing fighting words to the table, but Brock is bringing actual fighting to the ring.

1 – The Shield

Even sans Roman Reigns for the time being, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose still have the aura of running the building. By going all-in with Shield gear and entrances, this may not last as long the second time around, but it certainly feels like it could.

Jesse is a news desk reporter and FRS SLAM columnist with FanRag Sports since August 2016. He graduated from Stony Brook University with a dual major in comparative literature and journalism.

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