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WWE top-25 power rankings for Oct 27

Aj Styles WWE SmackDown (Photo by Gwendoline Le Goff/Panoramic/Icon Sportswire)
(Photo by Gwendoline Le Goff/Panoramic/Icon Sportswire)

The WWE quickly flipped the page from TLC to Survivor Series in the span of a single night, which is probably for the best considering the feel last Sunday’s PPV had of being a glorified television show.

After SmackDown Live declared war via their unprecedented assault of the Raw locker room to close out Monday’s show, the rankings are in a similar state as the red brand’s backstage area following the assault: disarray.

25 – Jason Jordan – New to rankings

Jordan continues his dizzying shuffle through Raw’s card with no clear plan or direction. On Sunday night, he was throwing lettuce at Elias while he played the guitar, before getting an impromptu victory on the PPV. By Monday, he was getting slammed upside the head and shoulder by the aforementioned guitar.

24 – Bray Wyatt – Down from #12

The virus that has affected the WWE locker room torched the company’s plans for TLC on Sunday. Wyatt was (and is) one of the unlucky victims, as both he and Sister Abigail missed their chance to take on Finn Balor. When he can return is currently unknown.

23 – Dolph Ziggler – Last week: #24

Ziggler will get his chance to settle the score with Bobby Roode next week when the two meet in a 2-out-of-3 Falls Match with the winner getting a spot on Team SmackDown Live at Survivor Series. He gets a bump up the ladder for strong promo work to continue building his showdown with Roode.

22 – Bobby Roode – Last week: #18

These two find themselves neck and neck with one another heading into next week. Roode boasts the name and chance to move up the ladder as the newbie to the roster, while Ziggler boasts the experience and much-needed exposure for his new gimmick.

21 – Becky Lynch – New to rankings

It was a fiery week for the Lass Kicker, first showing up on Raw and helping to lay waste to the resistance. She was back at it on Tuesday night, winning the captaincy for Team SmackDown Live in a Fatal 5-Way Match.

20 – Braun Strowman – Last week: #17

Getting ground up by a garbage truck will earn you a knock down the rungs of the power rankings ladder. He still figures as a major player on Monday nights, but after Kane eviscerated the Monster Among Men, he’ll have to wait for a return before he can earn his spot back.

19 – Enzo Amore – Last week: #23

In the pattern of following no long-term strategy whatsoever with the cruiserweight division, Amore won the purple strap back on Sunday. He was hampered on Raw by the lack of a voice to put his usual schtick on display but now gets the chance to continue his new success with the title back.

18 – Charlotte Flair – Last week: #11

Her drop may not be justified due to performance, but it was a rough week all around after not having much of a role in her one appearance. On a positive note: she’ll be a part of Team SmackDown Live for the Women’s Traditional Survivor Series Match and immediately becomes one the favorites to survive to the end.

17 – Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin – Last week: #19

Already given the No. 1 contender’s tag, a victory over The New Day, this week helps them gain momentum and move up the ranks towards The Usos. When their shot comes remains up in the air, although they are the lone contender’s to a title that has been solidified and a matchup with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose could be on the horizon at Survivor Series if they dethrone The Usos in time.

16 – Baron Corbin – Last week: #8

Lightning striking once is fine; in this case, losing to Sin Cara can be considered the lightning, but after a second consecutive week of allowing the man without a face to come out victorious, it can spell only bad things for the Lone Wolf.

15 – Cesaro & Sheamus – Last week: #9

Their lasting moment from TLC on Sunday was from when Kurt Angle laid waste to them after returning mid-match during the main event. Angle hit Cesaro with an Angle Slam through a table on the entrance ramp as if he didn’t just steamroll the former Raw Tag Team Champions. Then, they lost again on Raw, and things have begun to snowball for The Bar.

14 – Shinsuke Nakamura – Last week: #14

Tough to move the needle when Nakamura’s biggest involvement was awkwardly being filmed during the #UnderSiege segment of Raw. Jumping wrestlers in the back couldn’t be any less like Nakamura. He’ll get back to fighting in the actual ring next week when he gets Kevin Owens with a shot at joining Team SmackDown Live at Survivor Series on the line.

13 – Kurt Angle – New to rankings

His return came in a pinch, but Angle was ready for the moment. He sweated up a storm and didn’t unleash a whole lot of offense, but Angle was able to take a Running Powerslam through a table and get back up, something not many mortals could say. He even performed the Shield Powerbomb to defeat The Miz at TLC, so for at least this week, Angle earns his way onto the rankings.

12 – Asuka – New to rankings

That didn’t take long. Upon her arrival, Asuka has dispatched of Emma twice in rather simplistic fashion. With Raw yet to announce their Women’s Elimination Match team, she becomes the ace in the hole that the ladies from the blue brand are not ready for.

11 – Kane – Last week: #16

The Kane turn happened again. Why it did is anyone’s best guess, but chokeslamming Braun Strowman through the stage, before unleashing a rainfall of steel chairs upon him, before throwing him in the back of a garbage truck is a hell of a week. And did we mention the win over Finn Balor? If nothing else, the Big Red Machine is being build up like a monster yet again.

10 – The Usos – Last week: #5

It was a quiet week for the SmackDown Tag Team Champions, who continue to walk the line between a face turn and staying true to their tactics. It was a busy week inside the Top 10, pushing The Usos back a bit.

9 – The Miz – Last week: #6

Despite his loss at TLC, Miz escaped the week looking strong. He has a scheduled match against Baron Corbin at Survivor Series, which is begging for one of the two men to drop their title before then. For now, Miz remains a crucial part of Raw with the Intercontinental Title by his side.

8 – Alexa Bliss – Last week: #7

She put on a strong showing against Mickie James at TLC, defending her strap against a game challenger. She also planted the seeds for her showdown against Natalya at Survivor Series, which is going to make for a bizarre heel vs. heel dynamic.

7 – Randy Orton – Last week: #15

Just a week after seeming directionless, Orton seems to be the one that gains greatest from a SmackDown Live vs. Raw Elimination Match. And now by virtue of his win over Sami Zayn, he’ll be entered in that match and considered a viable threat to help the blue brand walk out victorious again.

6 – Finn Balor – Last week: #13

Fans were promised The Demon on Sunday and he delivered. It wasn’t the mind games warfare originally expected with Bray Wyatt, but his victory over A.J. Styles was a classic showdown that gave insight to how good a match could be between the two in which they had time to develop a storyline.

5 – Jinder Mahal – Last week: #4

Nice of Jinder to make that challenge last week, just for Kurt Angle to steal his thunder and announce the match regardless (while also screwing up his name). He had the Singh Brothers look utterly useless as an extension of him on Tuesday as A.J. Styles continues his momentum towards Mahal and his strap.

4 – Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn – Last week #2

Following Sami Zayn’s loss to Randy Orton on Tuesday, it appears the duo may be left out of the Survivor Series picture when it comes to the elimination match. Owens has his chance next week against Shinsuke Nakamura, but returns aren’t promising, even if they are the brands hottest storyline.

3 – AJ Styles – Last week: #10

Styles reminded the wrestling world why he’s the MVP of the ring. Filling in for Bray Wyatt on Sunday against Finn Balor didn’t produce a win, but he was the man called in for the job. He reeled off matches on three straight nights this week, earning his ascension up the rungs.

2 – Brock Lesnar – Last week: #3

It was more Paul Heyman that set the stage for Lesnar’s Survivor Series showdown with Jinder Mahal, but The Beast remains a must-see attraction whenever he shows up to Raw. He won’t be dropping his belt anytime soon, or maybe even appearing for that matter, making his sporadic showings all the more significant.

1 – The Shield – Last week: #1

The Shield has had a rough week. It was supposed to be a banner stretch for the Hounds of Justice, beginning Sunday at TLC. But after Roman Reigns was pulled from the card, they’ve had to get creative. Ultimately, The Shield still runs this yard, even if the Big Dog is on the sidelines.

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